Goodbye East Street

Well, we knew it was coming, and we’ve had a whole 4 months longer than we initially thought…but time is up on our lease at 14 East Street and we’ll be packing up and moving out on April 8th *sobs*

The extra bad news is we are not moving into another shop just yet…Summer means no affordable empty shops 🙁

The good news is that we have a whole Season of exciting events and fairs planned to keep our project rolling 🙂

We’ve welcomed over 6000 visitors into our unique little shop since opening our doors in early November; and inspired over 150 young people in our community crafting workshops.  The experience has been life changing for the Makers involved, and Newquays’ appetite for lovingly handcrafted art and gifts has far exceeded our expectations.  As nomads, our plan after closing the shop doors is to make monthly weekend events and fairs where you will be able to come and shop with us, join workshops, get inspired and support your small local businesses while we strategise for a sustainable future in a new premises later in the year.

We have been extraordinarily fortunate to have been in such a fantastic high street location for so long, and our most sincere thanks go to the team at Start&Co for making that happen; to the owner of the property who took a chance on us; and most of all, our heartfelt gratitude to the late Brian Start, founder of Start&Co, for breaking the Newquay norm and getting us into an otherwise empty shop.  We hope that his example will give confidence to other commercial property agencies in Newquay to get behind the pop-up concept which is so popular in other Cornish towns, supporting local entrepreneurs, and the economy.  Keep our high Street Alive!

How can YOU help? Well, here are three things you can do to help (since you asked)

  1. Leave a review on our Facebook page, tell us what you came for or what the business means to you in our town.  We can use these testimonials to help with funding!
  2. Come to our fairs and events; all of the things you love already and a whole lot more!
  3. Keep in touch, find and follow the individual business pages (all of the links are in the Makers section of the website) Set your preferences in Facebook to receive notifications, or see our posts first. Join our mailing list by completing the form in store, or keep an eye on our gorgeous products in our Instagram feed.  Dates and locations of events will be released as soon as they are confirmed so don’t miss out!

Lastly, you can help by giving us a Massive Send Off by shopping with us this Month.  There’s only 4 weeks left in the shop, and so much good stuff to be bought! We will be running our super-popular drop-in kids workshops every morning in the Easter holidays until our last shopping day, April 7th.

Thank you all so much for your support so far, lets not say ‘Good bye’, how about ‘See you again soon’

Cathy (Curious Tinker)

Photo credit to Jasmine Kay, who says everything we want to in this incredible installation ‘Art is Pointless’